The educational system of the university needs to be changed

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Stating that the educational system of this university needs change, the head of the Islamic Azad University, said: “our expectations are not only limited in the management of the Islamic Azad University, but in changes at this university.

According to the Public Relations Department of the Islamic Azad University, this morning, the first meeting of the Board of Trustee of the Islamic Azad University was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Tehranchi and with the presence of university assistants.

Dr. Tehranchi, at the beginning of this meeting, thanked Dr. Farhad Rahbar due to his efforts in the period of his presidency in Islamic Azad University and said: “first of all, it’s my duty to thank the efforts of Dr. Rahbar. God willing, we will take advantage of his presence in the future developments and plans.

Emphasizing that half of the country's higher education is under the auspices of the Islamic Azad University, the head of Islamic Azad University, said: "We all are going to work seriously in this university and do the greatest Jihad (the greatest internal war against passion) in front of the foreign and domestic enemies who are going to create despair in the country. So it's natural that when we create hope, the enemies will react.

He stated that the movement of Islamic Azad University should be toward the achievement of a new Islamic civilization based on the historical and scientific heritage and high-end experience of Islam and said: We must pay attention to the fact that all tasks, including research and science, require organized management and without planning, tasks would not be done.

A member of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Azad University noted: "in 2016, the Supreme Leader in a meeting with the scientific elites emphasized that" we should not allow this scientific move to be damaged. The enemy pays attention to this scientific movement, if it is hurt by the enemy and we do not understand and take no care of it, it will have a very heavy and bitter outcome. That result includes the creation of frustration in the young forces of the country; if this were to happen, it would not be easy to reclaim and compensate it. If these young people are disappointed, it's not easy to get them back. I would say to you that I would not give up the defending the elite community and the scientific movement of the country until the last moment of life, and I know that this movement is a blessing move, and will cause pleasant consequences, God willing ".

Dr. Tehranchi continued: "What should we say when the Supreme Leader emphasizes the scientific movement and says that I will not give up to the last moment of my life?" We have to stop the frustration and despair of the young forces.

The head of the Islamic Azad University continued: " in Ramadan, The Supreme Leader, in a meeting with professors, elites and university researchers, said:" One of the most important centers for educating the rational group of people of the country is the university. The professor plays a special role in the process of fostering the rational group of people. If the university wants to play this role correctly, some requirements should be followed. One is to engage with the country's problems, that is, the university does not separate itself from the country's problems, and problems and challenges of the country should be real and abstract ones to the university. Second one is the cultural, moral and identity education of the students that is beyond education, the issue of training with moral and spiritual orientation and spiritual intenerating, and blowing the soul of the feeling of identity in a young college student. Third one goes to a permanent presence in the university, a continuous and permanent transformation in the university environment. "

Dr. Tehranchi added: "When the Supreme Leader states these statements, it means that he has taken all the reports and, due to his eloquence, emphasizes to us that we must carry out these three actions, so we are supposed to act on his demands, if we are advocate of Islamic Republic.

Stating that we will have two serious programs in Islamic Azad University, professor of Shahid Beheshti University said: one of these programs is due on the coming six months. The enemy is disappointing the youth generation of this country, so we need to set up a stream against the current disappointing stream among the youth.

He noted that when the Supreme Leader left the Islamic Azad University to Dr. Velayati, he asked him to take the necessary steps towards the development of the university. Regarding this, Dr Velayati seriously devoted much of his time to the Islamic Azad University.

A member of the Board of Trustees of Islamic Azad University added: “at Islamic Azad University, we are not going to return to the past or maintain the present status and we are not trying to become a university like Sharif Industrial University. But we want to create the future and while we are an educational organization, we are going to be cultural, pedagogical, research and entrepreneurial organization, because the most necessary task for us is to create jobs.

The head of the Islamic Azad University, referring to the announcement of the general policies of science and technology by the Supreme Leader, said that in the first paragraph of these polices, the Supreme Leader emphasized the issue of “continuing scientific fighting with the aim of acquiring scientific authority and technology in the world”. Our management in Islamic Azad University should be like the Sacred Defense period (Iran-Iraq war) of Iran.

Noting that training human resources, raising the documented knowledge, problem solving and personal, social and public space elevation, are the four main pillars of his activities, Dr. Tehranchi said: the Islamic Azad University is not just based on personal elevation, but seeking social and public space elevation of the country and our plans are based on these four pillars and we have to create a new system to achieve that.

The full professor at Shahid Beheshti University added: " We can create hope among the youth, If we announce that the Islamic Azad University is attracting two thousand young people for membership in the faculty, and I believe that any major movements that we take in the Islamic Azad University will be analyze by the United States, and that's not how we want to change the route of Islamic Azad University and they will not do anything.

A member of the board of trustees at the Islamic Azad University stated: "When a Member of Parliament tweets, Trump replies, so they will certainly not be silent about the actions and developments of the Islamic Azad University.

"Regrettably, our universities only teach specialized knowledge to the youth not the social and skill knowledge," said the head of the Islamic Azad University, criticizing the way universities operate in the country. Islamic Azad University has expanded in different cities to develop, and the views of its officials at the university have been limited in holding the classrooms.

With the question of why we should not train a professional doctorate in management science? Dr. Tehranchi, said: Islamic Azad University should move towards the training of professional managers, so they can deliver the institutional and partial management to the society.

"Fortunately, approving the laws by the Board of Trustees is near," said the member of the board of trustees of the Islamic Azad University, stating: "To change the path of higher education, we should not restrict ourselves to laws," he said. Our belief is that the rules and structure are our tools for managing the university and it is not that we are a tool for law enforcement, so with this approach, we can transform the Islamic Azad University and the higher education system of the country.

The head of the Islamic Azad University, criticizing the human resource training system in the country, emphasized: "One of the wrong basis that the West has left for us is to name the university's study period as" higher education ". We use the term "education" during the school year, but it is said to be a "higher education" in university period, which is the first distortion.

The full professor at Shahid Beheshti University added: the second distortion goes back to the undergraduate degree, which is called "Bachelor's Degree", while the undergraduate course is in the continuation of high school and school. The prophet of Islam (PBUH) also said: educate your children up to the age of 21, after that, they will remain as they have been trained.

The head of Islamic Azad University, referring to the capacities of Islamic Azad University for training human resources, pointed out: "With Sama schools and academic units, we can train children from the age of 6 years old. We want to prepare the development plan of Islamic Azad University based on the educational system, because we do not have a strategic bill for education and we have copied foreigners ‘strategies. In the research, we do not have a tactics bill and we only have an execution bill that even the program and the system of issues are not specified.


Dr. Tehranchi, in the end, stating that we would have the slightest changes in the Islamic Azad University, said: we will take advantage of Dr. Ziaei, a former head of Presidency unit and Public Relations Affairs, in a new era in the structure of Islamic Azad University, and Dr. Kazemi, who is a well-thought-out person in the field of knowledge management and in the central Tehran unit has been involved in the design of scientific programs, will manage the field of Directorate and Public Relations.

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