The University Library's policy is to collect, maintain and organize written and non-written materials and resources for use in teaching and research purposes.

The Central Library of Islamic Azad University Zahedan Branch was established in 1366. Until 2004, books and resources were traditionally organized. In 2004 by purchasing Pars Azarakhsh library software and tools, two librarians were recruited in order to establish a mechanized library system. In the same year, a contract was signed between the Islamic Azad University of Zahedan Branch and Managing Director of Apadana Knowledge Library and Information Services Company.

 15,000 volumes of books were organized and cataloged within eight months. Nosa Software (Simorgh) has been purchased and launched in 2013, and Simorgh Digital Library software has been installed in 2015.


Library Resources and Books Registration Department:

Collection or ordering is one of the parts of the library that is responsible for overseeing, exchanging, and donating any source of information. Performs all stages of selection, purchasing, receiving books, magazines, non-book resources, equipment, etc. with the help of specialized departments in the departments. In this regard, all information needs of educational departments, faculty and students are referred to this section.


Lending section:

The growth and maturity of any library depends on continuous, appropriate and up-to-date service delivery, so the location of the library determines the quantity and quality of service and how it is delivered to the user community. And the incarnation of activities and efforts in other parts of the library is crystallized and revealed.
The services offered in this section include: Lending non-referenced resources - Tracking and return of resources.


Publications section:
The Information Center, Publications Section and the Central Library of the University are one of the active and dynamic sections of Library with the maintenance and provision of publications. These resources are located in various fields of basic sciences, mathematics, humanities, theology, engineering, agriculture, natural resources, veterinary, and physical education and so on.


The reference section is located on the first floor of the Central Library. Providing public and specialized information, including the use of reference resources, searching the Simorgh Comprehensive Library Software, individual student training for the use of resources. This is an important part of the reference work area.


Cataloging and preparation:
In this section the basic cataloging of all Persian and Latin books of the university libraries is done. This section fulfilled the heavy duty of written descriptive and analytical writing not listed elsewhere. The medical library books are also compiled in this section and transferred to the Medical School.