The Research Branch is a subsidiary of the University and currently has five sub-divisions:
1- Office of Communication with Industry and Society
2-Office of Planning and Budget, Organizations and Methods
3-Office of Information and Communication Technology
4. Young Researchers Club


A- Student Scientific Associations

Student scientific associations can obtain workshops and training courses, hold scientific conferences and seminars, publish publications, submit research papers, and participate in national competitions and conferences with the permission of the Research Assistant.

 In this regard, this department seeks to support students more and more in the form of student scientific associations. Dear Students, Visit the Islamic Azad University of Central Tehran for more information.

 B- Office of Communication with Industry and Society

The undeniable impact of modern science and technology on industry development and the wide variety of specialized disciplines in universities are among the key factors in the formation and continuation of the continuous cooperation necessary for its development and expansion between academia and industry. The Office of Industry Relations at the University of Tehran is proud to offer, with the help of its experts, all the facilities needed to establish a more effective relationship between university researchers and industry and organizations.


C- Office of Information Technology and Communication

Information Technology Office of Islamic Azad University Zahedan is working as one of the main Branches to maintain, promote and develop Information Technology and Equipment.
  The main activities of this office are:
Support and implement the online student registration process, provide software and hardware services at all levels, and equip campus sites with state-of-the-art systems and Internet speed upgrades, university web site updates, and university email service.


D- Young researcher club

The Young Researchers Club of Islamic Azad University, Zahedan Branch, was established under the direct supervision of the Vice-Chancellor for Research, a member of the large family of the university in the field of nurturing and developing research in various scientific, technical and theoretical fields.
A brief description of the duties of the Young Researchers Club in Zahedan is as follows:
- Enrolling eligible students and participating in university exhibitions
- providing Facilities such as: Discounted in tuition fee, book purchase allowance, competition entrance allowance, research project grant, training course registration grant, etc.
- Reporting activities of club members including attending internal and external conferences, attending internal and external congresses, presenting lectures or posters, setting up workshops and other news to the PR unit to reflect on news and presentations Active and elite members to attend internal and external conferences